Sleep is really important. It is scientifically shown to improve mental and physical health. We like our sleep. It's a beautiful evening, and you're just about to close your eyes when from your housemates'/roomates' room comes:

"OMGG I JUST CAN'T!!!" pew pew pew The sound of the vacuum turning on at midnight

And suddenly you can't sleep. One minute turns into another, before you know it, you are tossing around and debating whether to get out of bed to tell your roommates to keep it down. Never again. Not with Turn It Down, the first ever app to defend your sleep.

How it works

  • Download the app for iOS. Enter up to 3 roommates' phone # and email into the app (these will be saved and available for every session). Before bed, press the "Go to Sleep" button in the app. Your device will be listening for loud noise deviations that go on for a consistent period of time.

  • We use the Twilio API to send messages to your roommates politely (at first) asking them to keep it down. We will send a total of 4 text messages throughout the night that increase in desperation if the sound decibels increase.

  • If your roommate still can't turn it down, our app's final communication with them is to send them an email through the SendGrid API explaining the importance of sleep, complete with an infographic.

  • In the morning, press the 'Wake Up' button to finish the session.

Challenges I ran into

  • Sound analysis and determining thresholds between casual, light noise and truly sleep-devastating noise (this was fun though).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Setting up Twilio with Unity
  • Integrating SendGrid API with Unity
  • Writing a custom algorithm to detect different levels of sound disturbance, and correlating this to different types of text messages to send to noisy roommates.
  • Creating an app that is ready to publish on iOS during the duration of the hackathon.
  • Creating something that we would actually use, every single day.

What I learned

Kate: Unity U.I., lots of facts about how important sleep is in preventing episodes of depression and anxiety, and hand-drawing my first app icon.

Roy: Unity sound detection, Twilio API integration with Unity, SendGrid integration with Unity.

What's next for Turn It Down

It would be interesting to add a view for looking at sound disturbances over time. How many nights are you being woken up by loud noises? Maybe it's time for less coffee and a more sincere look at your living situation.

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