Technical Description

During our first months living in a college dorm, we both realized that not everyone living in our halls was on the same schedule as us. There were times when we would be trying to sleep or study, and were disrupted by loud music or noise from our neighbors. We soon realized that this was a common problem across all dormitory halls, so we came up with Turn Down for Your Hallmates to try and solve this problem.

Turn Down for Your Hallmates is an automatic noise detecting device that regulates the noise level in a dorm hall by sending a message to each of the residents instructing them to lower the volume when the hall gets too loud.

The transmitter module would be placed in the hallway and is made up of an Arduino and a breadboard shield. The breadboard has a microphone and a master bluetooth module connected to it. The receiver module is made up of an Arduino, an Ethernet shield, and a breadboard shield. The breadboard shield on the receiver has the slave bluetooth module and an LED connected to it. If the volume of noise detected by the microphone on the transmitter exceed the threshold of 700 that we set, the transmitter sends an "H" to the receiver; if the volume is below 700, the transmitter sends an "L" to the receiver. If the receiver receives 10 "H"s in a row, the LED will light up and the receiver will send out an email to each of the designate recipients telling them to lower the volume. The receiver then waits 30 seconds for the residents to lower the volume before it starts receiving data from the transmitter again.

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