Real life running with friends in an epic, world-wide turf war!

"The running app everyone's talking about" - RunHaven 1/9/2015 "The most epic workout game ever" - Vulcan Post

Looking for motivation? A way to connect with other active friends? Maybe you just want a heat map of your daily activity and the places you go.

Capture turf using passive GPS and activity tracking in a personalized game of territorial conquest and exploration. is simple: it makes outdoor running (and walking) into a fun, social game. The always-on activity tracker collects points in neighborhood blocks of “turfs” as you run and walk through them. The player with the most points in the turf captures it, turning it blue, and the more points you have the darker it gets. Compete with your friends, family and neighbors as rivals to capture your favourite turfs along your running routes, your walks to the bus stop or even through shopping malls. Find nearby turfers and encourage your friends by giving them kudos whenever they do a long run.

Unlike other running/walking apps such as Endomondo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, Breeze and Moves, does not track performance metrics for your runs, so you should stick with your previous runtracker app too. is all about motivation to get outside and have fun running to compete with friends over time.

Here's what some of our users have to say about Turfly:

“I like that when I run or walk anywhere, it is just on. I don't have to set it, and I won't forget. Every week or two, I have seen myself checking the turf I have gained.” “That I am constantly motivated to capture territory from my local rivals” “It’s like some of my favorite apps (Ingress, MapMyRun and Foursquare) combined.” - Kristina K., Ottawa, Canada

More: • MassHack winner June 2014 • “Lets You Start a War While You Run” - Social Times • “A fun, innovative mobile app that looks to transform exercise into an exciting game between friends and a growing international network of competitors” Startup Champ • “Turfly allows users to gain points and territory in the course of their daily routines, and plan exercise routes to 'capture turf' from people in their area.” - Giga Startups

/// Changes for Maps As Art Challenge ///

  • We have added a feature in the AppleWatch to show the entire path as a drawing
  • We changes the Turf colors to make it more like an ART by removing the gaps between the Turfs

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