Planning is hard. So is knowing what to do, particularly when you're visiting another city, state, or country. And, so Ture is our take on how to fix that with a mobile app, so that we don't have to figure it all out :)

What it does

Ture lets users view what attractions or waypoints are nearby, and, since its community based, also allows them to take pictures and post them at their location for others to see. Further, Ture will automatically generate an itinerary with nearby waypoints, with a map that links how to go from one to the other.

How we built it

We built almost the entire thing in Javascript, with a React-Native frontend, and a node.js and sql backend. All of the hosting is run on Azure, with a couple of google APIs (firebase auth and maps), to handle specific features on the frontend of the mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

It was my first time working with React-Native (and I'm pretty new to Javascript as well) so it was definitely a challenge to get up and running with those two. Also, we ran into issues involving images, and transferring images from the app to the backend and back again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we're proud that we finished some of the basic functionality that we would like to see, as well as delivering an application, that for the most part works and does what it was intended to do.

What we learned

React-Native, and Azure!

What's next for Ture

Building out a lot of the other features that we would like, like letting users post entire routes that other users can follow, friends, etc. , as well as doing more comprehensive UI/UX design, so that the app looks cleaner and more polished.

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