The Coronavirus pandemic brought to light many disadvantages that come with our modern healthcare. Like many things, the pandemic has sparked a need for change. There are people during this pandemic who fear going into the doctor and many stay at home ill without a diagnosis. Those who can make an online appointment often can't receive the proper diagnosis, something that personally happened to me this past summer. After receiving an incorrect diagnosis multiple times, I knew it was time to do something about it.

What it does

TurboMed is a step towards updating the health care system. It makes access to vaccines, check-ups, exams, medications, consulting, and more not only accessible but feasible in a time where hospitals may be full and dangerous.

How we built it

Like any good product, it is rooted in research and customer case-studies. We found a need for this product and got to work. We wrote up our research and formulated it into a pitch deck to make it an easy and informational read.We created a prototype, using the Figma software, that shows how a user can create an account, a profile, make an appointment, order their prescription, get a vaccine, and more.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we faced include creating an app that will be easily accessible and navigated by those who may be blind, colorblind, elderly, or disabled. To combat this, we downloaded some plugins to make it convertible and diverse.

What we learned

We learned not only about UI and UX implementation but also about the trying aspects of the health care system during this pandemic.

What's next for TurboMed

What's next? Well, we want to implement the connecting application that will show on devices such as Apple watches so that a user can send real-time vitals and other information to their health professional. We also want to polish this idea further and work with a clinic/hospital to get insight on the feasibility of this idea.

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