When I talked to one of my LGBTQ friends I realized they did not even know what kind of rights they have under the current US law because law documents are always so long and hard to understand. Therefore, I want to build something that average humans can understand. I thought of how TurboTax changed tax filing and decided to do something similar for LGBTQ.

What it does

Just like TurboTax, you just click a few buttons and TurboGay will tell you if this situation is protected by current law in the USA.

How we built it

I used BootStrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and images from to do it.

Challenges we ran into

We started with 3 people group but we are all in different time zones. There are lots of research to do so I focused on that part first, hoping my teammates can do the rest when they wake up. However, they both had something up and quitted. Therefore, I had to do heavy coding in short period of time by myself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although 2 of my teammates quitted the project, I still managed to built the project by myself (Although not the most complete version)

What we learned

Communicate more actively in early stage especially when your teammates are in different time zones. Always have a plan B for yourself. I also did not know how to use BootStrap but thanks to this project I learned a lot these two days.

What's next for TurboGay

I will continue building it and publish the website to be a public resource for LGBTQ people. I will also potentially make it open source and encourage more LGBTQ+ and ally to help building it.

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