Training and education are among the top use-cases for augmented reality. This effects shows how SparkAR can be leveraged in those domains. A combination of the facts that many people on earth own a smartphone and most of them have Facebook and Instagram installed make SparkAR a very powerful platform for education and training. Using a combination of 3D, voice narration, animations, particles effects it is possible to build highly educational AR experiences that are, thanks to their small package sizes, immediately available for user to try and share to their social connections.

What it does

Without an engine, an airplane can neither move on the ground nor fly in the air. The most widely used type of engine in modern aviation is called Turbofan. This augmented reality effect simulates a Turbofan engine and explain how it works

How I built it

Using a combination of realistic 3D Turbofan engine model, animations and audios

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Highly realistic experience

What I learned

How to optimize Javascript

What's next for Turbofan Simulation

Share with people and add more tutorials

Built With

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