We were inspired by the amount of competition in the solar industry.

What it does

Our idea is to help inform the public on how they can save money using wind technologies instead of solar. We pulled together data from many sources and learned how inefficient solar panels are and were curious why there aren't more people using wind technologies. Pulling data from the NOAA we created a graph on wind patterns around the United States. Ideally we would use the info to find ideal locations to put Wind turbines around people's homes but the data from NOAA isn't the most accurate. We built our own weather sensor to track data about wind direction and speed and would sell this devise to users. This would be a much more accurate device and would take into consideration walls and tree lines for wind speeds and crosswinds. This device would help populate our data base and will help environmentalists understand how climate change is affecting different neighborhoods.

How I built it

Hardware wise, used an arduino to read info from a motor and compass. Software wise, used Azure to hold our database.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting Hardware and software together wirelessly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a website to display all the data.

What I learned

Wind technologies should be the new fad.

What's next for Turbine

Becoming a Big data company and either selling the data to other companies or using the data to help make the world more efficient.

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