Andre and I came together to develop an application that helps us keep up to date with new music from the myriad of artists and bands that we follow. Following every artist that we enjoy on Twitter would clog up our news feed and make normal Twitter usage impossible. Turbine solves this problem by filtering these artists and bands into their own space, where we can view every post they make that links to either SoundCloud, Spotify, or Youtube. Adding and deleting artists is as easy as pressing one button, and all the tweets are presented in a clean, readable display. Our target audience is fellow music enthusiasts like Andre and I who are passionate about discovering new music on a daily basis. We are most proud of our library and REST API integration. The Twitter API documentation is very vague and the JSON result is pretty immense. Using Square's libraries such as Retrofit, Timber, and Picasso helped us to parse this metadata and present it in a concise manner.

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