Our Story

We are the team from National Central University. Our members all major in the department of mathematics, ranging from senior to PhD. A mathematical crew is responsible for data analysis, and cooperate with another team in charge of programming, establishing the database and designing the interface. Dealing with thousands of data from Ministry of Transportation, including the velocity and quantity of traffic flow, helped us to figure out the reason of traffic jam. We applied linear regression to in-time data, and used Matlab to observe the change trend of past data in order to estimate the time of traveling. We calculated the cost time by considering the situation of traffic flow, providing the user with the reference to decide to get on the highways or not. Furthermore, we tried our best to predict the accuracy time in the short-term future, and offer the suggestion to the user. ‘’Never stop’’ is our web application, which can be used not only on the internet, but also on the cell phone and tablet. And we used python to save and compute data behind the application. We noticed this contest and started to recruit our team on September. Due to the busy school work, we could only discuss twice a week at night. We faced the obstacle to find the relation between the data. We kept changing our method and finding the different ways to analyse the data. Not until the end of October did we make the great progress on our work, and begin to design the user interface and add some functions. We focus on helping the user to have the more comfortable driving experience through Hsuehshan Tunnel, and hope to solve the traffic jam problem. We will keep working on it and ''never stop''.

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