I've done research involving DNA, RNA, and proteins for the past two years. Reflecting on my projects, I realized that I had a lot of overlap between the two projects: many of the functions were similar. I wondered if I could create a Python library to simplify dealing with DNA and RNA and teach kids at the same time. Hence, EduBio and nucleopy were born.

What it does

nucleopy is a Python library which allows users to create DNA and RNA objects. Methods for such objects include toDNA as well as RNA folding. nucleopy has a wrapper for easy creation of tensorflow models as well. This was the aspect of the project targeted to academics and bioinformaticians. EduBio is a pygame framework built on top of nucleopy which contains animations and a short game on teaching how DNA codes for proteins.

How we built it

I used pygame for implemeting the animations and game.

Challenges we ran into

I had to learn pygame, a library which I had never used before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Somehow getting around the circular imports and fine-tuning the pygame animations.

What we learned

How to use pygame and improved my OOP skills.

What's next for EduBio + nucleopy

Add more mini-games and add more functions to the nucleopy backend.

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