Generating music playlists based on journey length

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Imagine being on a bus on the way to a Hackathon, wincing through the 6 hours of pandemonium surrounding you. Your favorite playlists keep you content but only till they start repeating in cycles. You could listen to radio but aww shucks it's 2018! What to do, What to do? Well fret not guys and gals, introducing "TuneTable," a radical new way to banish the long-ass-travel blues! This responsive WebApp curates a playlist of songs based on the genres you love and the duration of travel ahead of you. What's more, it saves the playlist in your Spotify account so you can access the tunes from your phone app as well! Don't Thank Us, Get Turnt.

How We Built It

The Frontend of our application is built using plain-jane JavaScript with a heavy dose of CSS and some Bootstrap 3 thrown in for good measure. We also used Adobe Photoshop and online graphics generators to design our icons, logo and fonts used in the app. The Backend of our application is built in Node.js, using Firebase as our Data Storage. We connected to Spotify through their Web API, which is also used to generate the web player once selections have been made.

Things We Learned

It was the first Hackathon for two of our team members so there was lots of learning done. That included learning how to use GitHub and GitKraken to work together on the project efficiently, learning various Bootstrap framework elements, CSS styles and gained rudimentary knowledge about HTTP requests. Oh and we also learned Markup while writing this DevPost.

Trouble We Ran Into

The Spotify API was quite difficult to work with since it didn't store the genre data alongside the music so we had to do some wacky code-work to get a semblance of playlist curation we intended to deliver. We were also unable to configure the DNS for a domain for our web app using Domain.com

All in all we had a splendid time hacking at SwampHacks 2018! :D


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