The problem space for us being music undervalued on streaming platforms was uncovered by the team when independently releasing music and understanding distribution limitations. Seeing how little creators owned their music business avenues we decided to build a Solana based DAO to let Artists own their project’s traction. A world where music is a lasting creative asset is what we are building, the Tuner lifestyle.

What it does

This Dapp marketplace provides music lovers with the ability to resell and speculate on their music tastes, along with connecting directly to their Artist’s and communities. We will airdrop 10,000 Solana Dawgz avatars to act as tickets for listeners to enter our beta stage. We will create a closed market for Dawgz holders and curate their personal Tune discovery experience.

How we built it

By designing through Framer and Figma we made an immersive music media hub to act as a fancy shopping window for Tuners. We will use IFPS to host our Dawg mints and later music tokens.

Challenges we ran into

Pairing up our interests from NFTs + music to form the founding Tuner team, we struggled to find an unsaturated and not sketchy entry point into the music/crypto crossover. Overcoming that entry niche, we realised it’s quite to hard genuinely share a beneficial brand over social platforms like Twitter without paid promotion. Building a music marketplace is a hard journey, but can be empowered by quality content and tastemakers to attract the right holder users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Picked as one of five most progressed start-ups to pitch out of the Blackbird Giants cohort, completion of the USYD Spark program, and forming our Tuner Dawgz launch strategy.

What we learned

The NFT avatar space is quite saturated, but there is a lot of people passionate about the implementation of Solana DAOs within a music marketplace. It is quite hard to please a listener crowd beyond a universal streaming subscription, but with the avenue of a tokenized secondary market, new values have Tuned in for all types of users.

What's next for Tuner

We will be deploying a mobile Dapp marketplace and prior to launch we are giving away 10k Dawg NFT avatars, that will act as listener/speculator tickets for our beta. It's okay if you are an Artist, you will be able to convert your account later to upload Tunes. Our motto is revaluation and getting more from music, so we are giving 95% of all sales to Artists, and listeners can earn 85% for themselves, with 10% for the Artist every time they resell their taste through a music token transaction. This will become a music powered community hub focused on changing listener lifestyles. Tune into the Tuner lifestyle.

Tune in

Dawgz NFT drop site:

Pre-waitlist signup for Dawgz Airdrop:

Demo NFT

related wallet in devNet: 286yTWVe6JYjePSfw7KGNCejc9oJbXfJNjcMbUY9rb9M

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