We were inspired to do our project “TunesNThings” because all of us were very interested in the Sustainability part of education. We wanted to be more creative so we incorporated three subjects and combined ideas and we have our final product. We combined our interests in Music, Engineering, and CS and turned that into how could we do those things but more sustainably. So, we created TunesNThings!

What it does

In summary, we are working to develop an inclusive maker space that empowers diverse learners by creating an equitable learning opportunity to strengthen their worldviews of innovation and community education. We want to develop consensus between educators and community spaces to develop inclusion and diversity in engineering curriculums for middle school and high school students

How we built it

We built our website on Repl. it, using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 5. We also used the .tech domain to host our website publicly.

Challenges we ran into

We have run into multiple bugs, errors, and other things along our journey to creating our project. To name a few, z-indexes, contact info (when we were trying to incorporate a cool card trick using CSS), and trying to prank each other using JS. The pranks went horribly since we couldn’t make them stop so we ended up deleting the whole thing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of what we have, since, we never thought that we could even turn something in for the hackathon. We all worked very efficiently and our teamwork was awesome. We would have random conversations in the middle and laugh our heads off, code or do research together, and solve problems as a team. We are very grateful to have met each other since we brought out the best in each other. We supported each other and accomplished what we have right now and we couldn’t be prouder.

We are also very proud of how much we learned about the SDGs and researching the Engineering and Computer Science areas in Sustainable Development. It was very intriguing to learn about them, we never thought that we could do so much in such a little amount of time so we were very happy with the way our website turned out to be.

What we learned

We learned that never try to mess around with your code or it could go wrong. We also learned that to not use a class name or else your whole code will get messed up! We learned to work together as a team and help each other out. Our bond at the end was very strong and we couldn’t have asked for a better team! We learned to manage time and give each other efficient tasks instead of loading everything onto one person.

What's next for TuneNThings

We want to expand our knowledge on various topics related to Engineering and Computer Science in the realm of Sustainable Development. We want to add more components to our website to make it look more extravagant and start the mentorship program as well as put up some courses. We want to make all these resources accessible to everyone so that everyone has an equal chance of growing. Always TuneNThing!

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