We designed Tunedemic as a three-fold platform: Social Media, Media Streaming/Cloud Service, and Data Visualization. We wanted to create a system that was entertaining while still serving a use as a media and computing-related piece of engineering--something that we as developers find interesting but also something that the average user wants to be involved with. The design behind the use of Google Maps the pathing of media as it spreads stems from the viral nature of common internet media, while the implementation of music services is intended to mimic a realistic function of music heard in physical places by physical people, with simulated physical limitations that help map its regional popularity.

What it does

Tunedemic allows users to explore and share nearby music that is hosted on the cloud. When a user places a node, they are linking a song to a geo-point and a radius. If another user is within that radius, they can take action regarding that song, including up or down-voting, listening, and "taking it with them." When a user saves a song to take with them, they have the ability to then place a new node that is linked to that song. When a node receives upvotes or downvotes, its radius is proportionally modified to alter the range of users that are able to interact with the song. The more exposure a song receives, the more popular it will become. Google Maps is used for calculating geo-spatial distances and visualizing the spread of media and its corresponding popularity.

How I built it

We built Tundemic using the Microsoft Azure API, Google Maps API, Android Studio, and built the website using MIcrosoft Azure hosting and a .CO domain.

Challenges I ran into

The geolocation challenges made it difficult for us to figure out how to determine closeness. Using Microsoft's Azure Mobile Development API was a challenge as it was hard to learn, but versatile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished a large project using multiple API's in 36 hours!

What I learned

Microsoft Azure API and further Android Development.

What's next for Tunedemic

Possibly looking at future market opportunities to take the project to the next level. Maybe it will be the next world-wide streaming and musical social media app!

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