Do you love Spotify statistics and your year end playlists? Do you get excited when you and a friend discover your mutual love for the same songs?

We do! That is why we set out to use Spotify statistics to allow you and a friend to uncover your shared favorites.

What it does

Tune Fusion scrapes two user’s top songs and creates a Spotify playlist based on the intersection of their top tracks.

How we built it

Flask, Python, HTML, Spotipy, Pylast, and Scikit-Learn.

Challenges we ran into

Ultimately, we were unable to fully connect the front-end and the backend; however, they both work on their own.

We initially struggled to access the user's Spotify data at once, so we decided to use as an alternative. Designing an algorithm to figure out which songs were the most mutually loved also posed some difficulty.

What's next for Tune Fusion

After finishing the site, we plan to allow users to input their spotify usernames for those without We are also considering adding a genre based playlists to improve playlist quality.

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