With so many many apps connecting people round the world one can easily get lost in translation, literally. Tundo aims at eliminating this pain by allowing users to translate the

What it does

WIth a simply click of a button a user can translate what they are currently reading in any app. All the user has to do in sign up, select a default language and if they find text they don't understand they click the translate floating button. Translate between 12 languages The app keeps the font, text color and background of the app being scanned

How I built it

The application uses a AWS lambda function to call AWS textract and AWS translate. These services are used to detect the text and translate it respectively. There another custom built function which is called to recognize the text background and text color. For security purposes we authorize calls to the AWS lambda function, this is where Okta comes in. We call the lambda function using AWS API Gateway with an authorization token from the current signed in user. Before the lambda function is called, AWS API Gateway first verifies if the token provided is valid using the Okta SDK. Only if the user token is valid will access be given, otherwise a 402 error is returned.

What's next for Tundo

Uploading the app to the app store and getting feedback from beta users

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