We thought there needed to be an easier way to find someone, quickly, who can help you with your studies rather than having to struggle to find the self-employed tutors who have not got the facilities to advertise themselves in an effective manor. So we decided to put them all in one place, our website.

What it does

Our website brings students and tutors together in an easy to use platform so they can communicate and create working relationships. Our website also create a place for tutors to post resources for struggling students even when they can't access direct tutoring.

How I built it

We used flask to create a template for our website and used html to personalise the pages. Then we installed sqlite and created a database to accommodate all the information. To connect the database and the pages we used python linking them all together.

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges which we came across such as struggling to link the pages together and and working out how to access inputted strings from the forms to the python programs. However, with in depth research we were able to eventually overcome the problems before us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team we are very impressed with our ability to quickly adapt to a whole new way of using python and html in unison, as before we had only briefly looked at the two languages, not even thinking of the possibility that they could be used together, let alone to manage a database.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the capabilities of web design and how much you can do with it. I also know that as a team we learned how to effectively manage a project and collaborate on code using gitlab.

What's next for Tunder Website

In the future, we hope we can continue to work on the website, fully finishing all the pages and making them look appealing and easier to use.

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