The inspiration of our project is based on the desire to give our fellow students, after the long Corona pandemic, the opportunity to quickly and easily settle into student life, connect with their peers and make the most out of their studies.

What it does

TUMder is a get-to-know-you app that helps students to quickly make acquaintances. Looking for a group to study with? Don't want to eat alone in the Mensa and don't know anyone? Want to do a language exchange but don't know whom to approach? Instead of having to awkwardly approach strangers, this app helps you find students with the same interests. "TUM + Tinder": No dating here, but the ability to find peers fast by having a swipe feature. A short description in your profile and the ability to select what you are specifically looking for (MensaFriends, StudyBuddies, Tandems) enables you to easily match others that share the same interests. Our chat function allows you to get and stay in contact with each other. Connecting with others was never that easy!

How we built it

  • Frontend: React, JavaScript
  • Backend: Python, Chatserver, ejabberd

Challenges we ran into

Chatservers are difficult. There are many features that could be implemented but only limited time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Slick designs in TUM-corperate colors

What we learned

Chatservers are mean :(

What's next for TUMder

  • include apfeLMUs and other faculties
  • room finding with NavigaTUM API
  • time finding tool like doodle
  • more efficient matching algorithm

Built With

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