The idea was from the student I'm working on ee186 project with, which is the same basic idea as this, just with more features and robust. The idea was to make a robot that can help people who are bedridden, from age, disease, or are just temporarialy so, such as recovering from surgery, to still interact with the rest of the world.

What it does

This robot is only remotely driveable, and live streams a first-person view back to the driver.

How I built it

Many of the components are off the shelf, though the motor driver, most of the controller, and a few connects had to be made from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Every part broke in some way, at some point in the project. Particularly, the control stream took most of Saturday.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting all of the systems to work together at the low latency that it has.

What I learned

A little more about python and Verilog, and about internet protocol.

What's next for Tumbleweed

Rebuilding it, using the lessons learned here, for ee 186, but with more features.

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