Inspiration: We were inspired by our own studying habits for school. Since the two of us have been wanting to improve them, we decided that it'd be fun to make a project that'd be beneficial to both us and many others.

What it does: Tulip Time is an app that increases one's productivity with relaxing music, a schedule maker, and some nice visuals to also inspire other students.

How we built it: We built Tulip Time with the use of Visual Studio. With the web application template, JavaScript, HLTM, and CSS, we were able to build it with hard work.

Challenges we ran into: Some notable obstacles were making the automated schedule maker and timer. Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish the timer by the time we submitted, but we tried our best nonetheless. It was hard trying to figure out things about some languages we weren't quite familiar with yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We're quite proud of the graphics, implementation of notes, and also the music. Although each of them took time to figure out and take care of, we eventually were able to complete them.

What we learned: We learned that you shouldn't be embarrassed to ask for help from mentors or fellow hackers. They've probably been or are in the same boat as you. Also, we definitely gained experience by programming Tulip Time.

What's next for Tulip Time: Next up for Tulip Time is a finished timer and more polished UI. We want to polish it more and possibly add more features like: enabling the user to add their own background, listen to ambience while they study, and even a dark mode.

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