In a case study we conducted in a local public girl boarding school, the girl's school has around 60 students per class in a six-streamed form. Apart from that, the students have insufficient learning materials, and some are sent home occasionally due to lack of school fees. In addition to this, young teenagers are at risk of being subjected to poor traditional and modern cultural practices such as drug abuse & Female Genital Mutilation.

Our Product will solve the problem of inaccessibility to learning Materials by providing digital learning materials in form of courses, tests, and a Q&A part. It will also enable teachers to deliver their content in a much efficient way and maybe earn a small income on the same to ensure the Teachers are constantly motivated. However, the courses won’t be limited to school subjects but will also have life skills.

Our Product will also solve the poverty issue as our product will bridge the gap between students, teachers, and donors such that students are able to request donations and scholarships and teachers are able to request donations on behalf of their school and students. We hope this will lead to more educated people in the community hence more revenue will be raised and in return alleviate the poverty problem in the continent.

How we built it

We have a web application done in Angular, a backend API done in Nestjs and to complement this, we have an Azure Bot to act as a Q&A service to the students. We also have a USSD mobile Application done in python to allow students to check their scholarship status and check their assessment results offline. We used Azure DevOps and Azure App Service for task assignments, Continuous Integration, and Deployment, respectively

Challenges we ran into

The time factor was an issue for us due to school commitments hence it was difficult to allocate time for discussions. Some of our team members had device challenges hence other teammates had to step in and assist with their tasks leading to slower development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team consisted of enthusiastic learners and none of us had interacted with the technologies before it was difficult to get the concepts at first but we pushed through and got to learn the concepts as we applied them in the building of the solution.

What we learned

We gained technical skills in the respective field areas that we were working with the various technologies. We got the experience similar to that of a team working on a real-life solution and got to use our communication skills, Teamwork, and got to use Azure DevOps to manage our respective sprint tasks.

What's next for Tulearn Solution

We hope to include the following features in the future: Live online classes for the students ​ Integration with Ms. Teams & Google classroom Have sign–language interpreted courses for the physically challenged students. ​ Partner with publishers to donate their content in exchange for advertisement on the platform​ Launch the USSD application on AfricasTalking ​

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