I saw a popular request for managing pulses across multiple boards simultaneously. I thought, maybe I can do something there...

What it does

Allows users to manage work across multiple boards in a way that looks and feels like native functionality. Has advanced filters that can be saved as a view, inline editing, shared column toggling, live updates, and allows batch updates across boards.

How I built it

Built with Angular, Typescript, and a ton of map/reduce via lodash.

Challenges I ran into

  • I'm new to, so there was a bit of a learning curve - but the SDK is very easy to use and the team was very helpful when I had questions. Thanks Dipro and Vlad!

  • The SDK drops calls when there is an error, the payload is empty, or the user's session has expired. I put in some heuristics to determine when a call is unlikely to return so the code would have something to work with. That said, I want to point out what a smooth, painless experience it was the vast majority of the time in so many ways. The live editor (via ngrok) was so easy to use, and I never saw caching issues when I published the app multiple times - just to mention a couple of things.

  • Figuring out the color for a given status. Enjoyed decompiling's front end code and search for color mappings (seriously, yes, I enjoy that).

  •'s servers flagged my work on batch updates as a DOS attack (sorry about that guys)...

  • Severe lack of sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Looks and feels like native
  • Fast initial load of the app - user can start working almost immediately
  • Performant handling of 1000's of pulses
  • Due date pie chart indicators use dynamically generated SVGs
  • Smart column grouping
  • Typescript annotations for tracking call and api timings (see screenshot)

What I learned

  • Highly impressed with the platform and team. Thanks for all the help Dipro and Vlad!
  • Leveled up my rxjs fu

What's next for Tuesday's Tools

  • Support for more column types
  • Leverage the browser cache for an even quicker initial load
  • Updates pane
  • Sleep. Lots of sleep.

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posted an update

Some FAQ:

Q: So... where's your app? I only see A: Thanks! That's the idea, it blends right in. If you know how to use Monday, you know how to use Tuesday.

Q: Why "Tuesday's Tools"? A: It seemed like a good name for an app that works on Between the clever alliteration and the subtle reference to "tools from the future" it was just too good to pass up, and definitely not a bad dad joke. Definitely.

Q: Was this built on top of other software owned by Tuesday's Tools? A: Nope. 100% built from scratch. Tuesday's Tools did not exist before this hackathon, and has no other software (yet!).

Q: How hard is this to install? A: So easy, just pick the boards you want and you're done! For you overachievers out there, add a couple of filters, save as a view, and high five your coworkers as you head home early.

Q: How is this different than ? A: Those learning curves, they're brutal. Our motto is "If you know Monday, you know Tuesday". Rest easy knowing that your coworkers, team members, employees, cat, and maybe even the Amazon delivery driver you saw today will instantly increase their productivity, without needing another 4 year degree.

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