Damon wanted a 13th month but Sherwin said no so here we are.

What it does

Tuesday is a calendar Chrome extension that only works on Tuesdays (disclaimer: it works on every day of the week)

How we built it

Magic, guess and check, we're not really sure either.

Challenges we ran into

  • keeping sanity
  • having legit variable names
  • calendar API (which we ended up not using)
  • facing one's true self as a closet weeb

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • getting all of our resources from ethical sources (we didn't pirate anything)
  • the world is still intact, hasn't been destroyed yet
  • RGB cyclic and comic sans

What we learned

  • regex
  • javascript
  • Sherwin is a closet weeb

What's next for Tuesday

Making a sequel called threesday that will have the same logo as tuesday but blue. As for you, TTT (try tuesday today).

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