There isn’t a good professional website dedicated for finding tutors and it is hard to find one in general. Especially during quarantine, students and teachers are driven further and further apart. We created Tuder, an inclusive app designed to bridge students and tutors together. It was built using Android Studio. Tuder is a safe, all-inclusive platform that allows students to find teachers that suit their needs exactly. The app includes 4 main screens: homepage, private messages page, profile page, and settings page. On the homepage, you can search for a specific teacher or you can start swiping to see who is available. The tutors will also be able to swipe tutees that they want to teach. If both the tutee and the tutor swipe right, they will then be able to privately chat with each other. The private messages page allows the student and the tutor to communicate. The profile page shows the basic information about the tutor or the student. Furthermore, you can change the privacy or notification settings on the settings page. More functions will be explained in the video. Tuder is free to use for both tutors and tutees. Students can swipe right (or left!) on as many teachers they wish to. Tutors are limited to swiping right on 5 students every 24 hours. With a premium membership of $10.00/month, teachers are able to swipe right on as many students as they please. Tuder is financed through donations, advertisements on the platform and the premium membership it offers. Advertising partners will be screened for child-friendly content. Tuder was created by a team of 5 incoming University of Waterloo Computer Science students, Annie Chen, Rachelle Dong, Hyeonji Kim, Haley Song and Grace Xu.

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