= Inspiration

When I took my first Uber ride, I was truly impressed by its ease of use. For example, I had to to plan ahead and book taxis from the airport when traveling, but with Uber I can just open up the app and the car would come whenever I want. The mutual rating system is quite smart, too. After talking to a few Uber drivers, I feel like Uber's model can be used on tutoring at Duke (or other colleges alike).

Imagine how nice it would be, if you run into a problem when you are doing homework, you can just open up this web app and contact your nearby high-quality tutors (based on ratings). Or if you are really good at a class and got some free time, wouldn't it make you happy if you can teach others?

I say that my app is also similar to Stack Overflow because it, like SO, also provides a way of getting questions answered quickly. They are also similar in the sense that my app also exposes a public profile with users' reputation/expertise info that might be helpful to employers.

= Key features

  • Match students with tutors (we try high-rating tutors first)
  • Real-time tutor status map
  • Real-time meeting location negotiation
  • Reputation and rating system for both student and tutor

= Fun fact about implementation

Authentication is done by taking the user's Duke NetID and password and attempt logging in one of the Linux machines in the Teer Building via SSH and see if we can log in successfully. ;)

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