Older adults and people without wifi have limited access to social and health resources. Transporation is a major factor with accessing these resources.

What it does

Allows users to make a phone call to request the highly reliable Uber service for quick, affordable rides.

How I built it

Strung together 3 api's using Node.js and Express.js. We use Twilio for the phone service and voice transcription. We use the google maps API to convert the Twilio response information to geocordinates. We then use the Uber API to request a ride on behalf of the caller to their location.

Challenges I ran into

Converting the voice-recorded Twilio user input to a usable variable to pass to googlemaps. Authorizing the Uber API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully converting user input (including voice recording) to geocordinates. Calling the Uber API with those geocoordinates to request a time estimate for rides.

What I learned

Using various api services.

What's next for Tuber

Enhancing the quality of voice transcription -adding confirmation calls that assure users we're on the way.

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