Tube To Text is a website and web service. When you go to the 'Tube to Text' main page, you can find a search bar that allows user input. A user inputs the YouTube URL into the the search bar and the website returns back the transcript of the YouTube video. Essentially it is transforming a YouTube video into text, hence the name. The service is important for a few reasons. While YouTube is a great platform, not every video needs the visual portion. For example, many people have uploaded audio books to YouTube that have no visual content. By using my service, a user can get the text of the audio book. A user can then read the text at the pace they want.

Another key aspect is the decrease in bandwidth use, for a user. Many people have data plans that are very limiting, especially on mobile devices. My server handles all of the back end processing so a user only spends tens of kilobytes of data loading my webpage and getting the content of the YouTube video. On the other hand, watching a traditional youtube video will result in tens to hundreds of megabytes of data downloading.

Larger images can be found here:,9eQLhf0,q81qTtJ,zeOPaWI,vkXOtmu#0

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