Some people need homework help but not full-on weekly tutoring

What it does

Finds tutors available for times as soon as 2 hours in advance for specific classes

How I built it

We created an Android Studio UI that allowed users to submit requests for tutoring sessions, which would connect to a MySql database on Google Cloud. The database would retrieve corresponding information about available tutors at this time (tutors put in their own requests, which are stored in the database) and present the user with this information.

Challenges I ran into

Querying user data from the cloud database to connect users to tutors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made an effective UI and a solid back-end database.

What I learned

Android Studio, Mobile App Development, MySQL, Google Cloud

What's next for Tube

Fix connections between the back-end and the front-end and create an instant notification function that lets tutors immediately know that a student has requested them.

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