Bookstore App


Beginning the idea is to create a bookstore storage checking system for employees checking the amount of each book in the store. If the book did not meet the min storage amount, employees have to order books from publishers. After we discuss, we change it as an online bookstore for the client.


On the project, we keep developing our knowledge of redux, react, API call, and connection between front end backend.


This web app has a login function where the user must become a member then they are able to buy books, checkout. The link in the navbar can lead the user to a different page. The search bar allows the user to search the books by the inputted keyword. The Home page displays three advertisements and ten newest books. The Single page displays more information about the individual book and has an "add to cart" feature. The Cart and Checkout page displays all the books that the user added to the cart and has a "remove" feature.


Sometimes the function code doesn't work as we expected. It may be because of one or two syntax errors but we have to debug step by step to find out. Also, we met the challenge that we need to check different conditions whether the book is available for sale or not, and display it on the page.

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