I have been desiring to make a trip application that provides uses assistance throughout the whole run of planning and taking a trip.

What it does

Journey On ! is an Android based mobile app that provides the regular trip necessities including flight(s) and hotel. It also provides users with points of interest within the trip destination area. There is also a profile section customize the trip finding experience, and a way to see some trip inspiration.

How I built it

Android Studio

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I always tend to over estimate what I can accomplish during hackathons, but I'm feeling good about what I was able to produce in the time I had available.

What I learned

Where to begin: LOTS Thank goodness for SDKs! And Amadeus had an amazingly well designed one.

What's next for Journey On !

There are a bunch more features I would love to polish in the existing version, and many more that I want to add.

Built With

  • amadeus:airlinecodelookup
  • amadeus:airportnearestrelevant
  • amadeus:flightinspirationsearch
  • amadeus:flightlow-faresearch
  • amadeus:hotelsearch
  • amadeus:pointsofinterest
  • amadeusself-serviceapis(sdk)
  • android-studio
  • butterknife
  • googleplacesapi(sdk)
  • googlesupport
  • gson
  • lombok
  • squareup:timessquare
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