TsuperJeep game is based on the Philippine Jeepneys and because it's dubbed as the "King Of The Road".


TsuperJeep mission is to promote the "Jeepney" here in philippines because thats our daily common transportation vehicle here and also to promote the historical and other landmarks here in philippines.

What it does

Tsuperjeep is a jeepney driving game that you need to tap to steer the jeep left and right. The jeepney needs to avoid to crash on the sidewalk and keep driving on the road. Jeepney needs to collect coins to unlock other jeepney designs.

How I built it

TsuperJeep is built in just 2 days and i use Buildbox for creating the game and Photoshop for game graphics.

Challenges I ran into

The number 1 challenge to me is to promote this game because of lack of money to create an advertisements for this game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of this game because i built it within 2 days.

What I learned

I learned that promoting a game is so hard if you don't have enough money to create advertisements.

What's next for TsuperJeep

TsuperJeep will continue to add more Jeepney Designs and Famous Landmarks of the Philippines.

Built With

  • buildbox
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