Everyone likes a good origin story, how did it all get started? The company TSOLife was incorporated in Sept 2014, but the concept was inspired decades before. It was inspired by loving grandparents, who helped raise a grandson from birth.

My grandfather was a remarkable man, he had the opportunity to be an Olympic athlete, he was the recipient of the civic recognition award and he was inducted into his high schools hall of fame. His life is not only worth celebrating, it is worth remembering. The stories of his accomplishments could currently soon be lost. Verbal history dies after only 2 generations. There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to his life, no published biography documenting his many achievements; there is strictly what we remember.

As it currently stands, history is only recorded for the famous or infamous, the rest are left to be forgotten. TSOLife was created with the conviction that we are all worth remembering–that life should be celebrated, passed down and remembered. We all deserve to leave behind a personalized legacy. History isn’t just for the famous or infamous but for all of us to leave something behind.

While I have always felt strongly about this vision, it finally hit me when my grandmother passed in 2014 around thanksgiving. There is so much I never got to know about her, and even more I will forget. The only lasting legacy she left behind was her funeral service page. The notion that all that my grandkids will ever be able to learn about her is her name, date of birth, and occupation, haunts me.

That notion ignited a fire: from that moment on I dedicated my life to creating a web platform that will truly allow our story to transcend time. I created TSOLife, and it will soon be launched nationwide in August. It is my greatest accomplishment thus far in life, and also my greatest regret because I didn’t make it soon enough for my grandparents. Their story is in my hands to tell, and I will do my best… though I know so much history has already been lost.

What it does

TSOLife is an online platform where users can craft the story of their lives. For a one-time fee, a user's personal history is hosted and maintained forever through a perpetual funding model leveraging cloud storage. On TSOLife's beautifully simple and integrated platform, stories, videos, photos, and memories can be preserved for future generations, allowing the user to leave behind a personal legacy. The stories can be categorized, and will also be placed on a timeline of events and on an interactive global map. Users also have the feature option of creating their own family tree and personal network linking with past and future members of their family.

A feature that fully captures our vision and embodies our idea of connecting to the future and past is the "wish I were there" feature. This unique function allows members to write a specialized message, record a video, and/or upload an audio file that can be delivered on a specific date or event in the future. For example, a personal message can be sent to a great grandchild, on his or her high school graduation day, or to a child on their 50th anniversary.

TSOLife ensures the preservation of family memories and emotional connections and ties the past, present, and future together in a beautiful ever-changing story.

Challenges we ran into

A primary challenge we ran into, was that we wanted a way to ensure our users that the information would be hosted forever and find a way to make that financially sustainable. We were able to develop a onetime fee pricing model that allowed us to calculate the cost of host information forever and by determining the net present value of the information stored and charging based on that number. We believe that once history is online it should be free to view for future generations and friends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Major Accomplishments and Awards: •2015: Carins Foundation Innovation Challenge winner •2015: Score Biz Fest winner •2015: Met Kickstarter funding goal •2015: Florida Venture Form finalist

What we learned

We learned that nursing home residents in the United States have the highest concentration of depression. One in two residents in a nursing home are clinically depressed. We conducted a literature review on the therapeutic and depression reducing effects of reminiscence therapy. TSOLife is a unique platform that it not only serves as a tool for reminiscence therapy, but as a tool to get family members more involved in the lives of those in nursing homes. We recognize that TSOLife is not only in a position to make a major impact on the genealogy industry as a whole, but also has a larger social impact.

What's next for TSOLife

There are still a lot of features we are planning on adding over the upcoming months. We want to further integrate this platform with the social medias currently being used. The primary focus for the upcoming months is we want to work with our user base and make this as enjoyable of a experience as possible. One of the primary benefits of being a group young tech savvy is that we are capable making improvements quickly and responding to feedback.

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