Ugly security cam photos and the urge to learn photo editing.

What it does

It takes photos from evercam registered cameras, which are not setup to make pretty photos. And your task is to edit the photo with the adobe creative sdk, so that the resulting photo has an higher aestheticsScore (via EyeEm Vision) than the original. Try to push boundaries and learn image editing while doing so.

How I built it

typing keys on my keyboard ;) plain html with some jquery using evercam, adobe creative sdk and EyeEm Vision

Challenges I ran into

Time using eyeem vision api with javascript and remote images

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works, even having only less then the half of the time for it. :) I used javascript for it.

What I learned

Try harder and rest

What's next for TryYourBest

make it stable and pretty.

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