It would be fun if we could draw our own sticker, i.e., we can find many apps which convert image to stickers but wouldn't it be fun to create your own stickers by just drawing and coloring.

What it does

It converts your drawing to Sticker.

How we built it

It's just a makeshift. As we just used any drawing canvas from where you can draw and colour whatever you want and then that drawing canvas will convert your drawing into an image after saving. Then take that image to any image to sticker convertor on your phone from where your image will be converted into sticker after which you can share it on WhatsApp or wherever you want. Enjoy! your own digital handmade sticker.

Challenges we ran into

How to connect drawing canvas to image to sticker converter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we were get up to this idea and were able to understand how can we make it to reality.

What we learned

Learn the use of Automation and API.

What's next for TryOut Sticker

To use Automation so that their is no need to create sticker separately on different platform. And after we successfully created that automation, then next we build to create an app or web application through which we will have drawing canvas and an image to sticker convertor in one platform and an API automation to automatically convert drawing image to sticker as soon as we draw. Then Enjoy your own digital handmade Sticker through one platform TryOut Sticker.

Built With

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