Virtual Tryon is an application made for the new generation of consumers and dreamers. Augmented Reality is not a buzzword now. With new advancements in mobile technology, computer vision and computer graphics, We; today can bring any virtual object into our scene. Currently, we can overlay your favourite sneakers onto feets with any shape, size and color. Thus, supporting every aspect of society.

App Features

  • Made for any shape and size of feet.
  • Virtual free sneakers are configured. No particular product is highlighted.
  • Real-time augmented reality experience on billions of devices. Android: Nougat
  • Mobile first approach to the problem

App Tech Stack

  • A virtual sneaker is loaded from Open-source datasets of obj file - Dataset
  • Detection model is used from TensorFlow for detection feet.
  • OpenGL is used to render the 3D model onto the feet area.
  • Detection and Tracking are used in mobile frames for minimal jittering.

Why Sneakers?

Sneakers in the fashion industry have a prolonged relationship with their consumers. It's not the same as the clothing industry but much more dependent on exclusivity and limited stocks. They basically define a different set of communities. Be it Jordans or Nike Airmax: They are present in a wide market.


First, virtual try-on technology allows consumers to try on sneakers from the comfort of their own homes, removing physical barriers to accessibility such as transportation and mobility challenges. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities or those who live in areas with limited access to physical stores.

Second, virtual try-on technology can help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to visualize how the sneakers would look on their feet. This can lead to greater satisfaction with their purchases and reduce the likelihood of returns or exchanges.

Third, virtual try-on technology can enhance the beauty experience for consumers by allowing them to experiment with different styles, colors, and patterns of sneakers. This can be particularly empowering for individuals who may feel self-conscious or anxious about trying on shoes in a physical store.

Overall, virtual try-on technology for sneakers can be an inclusive technology solution that enhances accessibility in the beauty industry and improves the overall beauty experience for consumers. By removing physical barriers and empowering consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions, virtual try-on technology can help create a more inclusive and accessible beauty industry for all.

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