The challenge was to try out a (for us) new programming language. I have never used JavaScript before. But I always wanted to try it out. So I decided to build this project with JavaScript. I have already built a few projects with HTML5 and CSS3, but I haven't used JavaScript on a website before. That's why I decided to build a new project from scratch.

What it does

The project consists of two parts. At first, you will be asked about your age. There are three possibilities: under 7, between 7 and 75, and above 75. For the third possibility, there is a really funny response. The second part of the project is a game. More precisely the High-Low Guessing Game which I didn't even know existed two days ago. But I met with this game in this hackathon and I decided to build it by myself. This game even counts the number of your guesses.

How I built it

This project was built with a minimalistic style because the main aspect of this project was the functionality. Sure, the project definitely could be better (after learning at least the basics of JavaScript).

Challenges I ran into

For me, this whole project was a challenge. The first part was easy but the second part was tricky. I searched for a solution on the internet and watched a short tutorial. But my first six attempts at creating the game failed. Luckily, I found a way to create a working high-low guessing game. However, there are a few things in this code that I want to improve in the future. This is also my first hackathon and my first programming challenge which I submit. So, I needed to learn how to create a README file and to explore GitHub and to connect VS Code with GitHub. However, I am not really sure if you can open this project and if I submitted it properly. So, if I made a mistake, please, let me know how I can submit it properly and how I can give access to the files.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Honestly, I am proud of my project because it works and I have written an entire text in English to it 🙂

What I learned

I learned a lot by building this project. At first, I learned how to create a README file in GitHub and how to write in Markdown. I even wrote my own Markdown cheat sheet on GitHub. I experimented a lot with JavaScript and searched for solutions. So, I guess I can say that I know everything in the code of my project. It is sure that I know more about JavaScript now than I did before.

What's next for Trying out JavaScript - Exploring a new programming language

Trying out JavaScript is in no way a perfect project, but it is a beginner project which has a lot of potential for improvement. I focused rather on the second part of the project, so I didn't really give my best in designing the website. Besides, I think I should search for another solution for the second part to make the game more enjoyable. Also, I could add a list to the game which tells you what numbers you have already guessed. But that's up to the future.

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