What it does

Doesn't work because Yahoo Finance wasn't pulling stocks right

How I built it

1) Gather list of all stocks from Aladdin API 2) Sort tickers by country 3) Find each ticker's current price*volume (This step didn't work, thanks Yahoo) 4) Add up all the price*volume for each country to create the "value" of a country 5) Find proportion of each ticker to the total country ticker value for the "weight" 6) Each ticker and weight is a position for a country-specific portfolio 7) Use Aladdin to predict the portfolio expected growth in a country in a user-input given month 8) Rank the expected growth in country-smallest growth, country with least growth-most need 9) Book plane ticket/plan travel to most "needy" country to help economy there

Challenges I ran into

Learning different terms from Aladdin API Trying to get Yahoo Finance or Google Finance to work

Built With

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