Inspired by the possibilities to share and compare training sessions through a dedicated application for a variety of sport, we combine both the simplicity of the dovetail connection for wooden pieces and the variety of training boards for climbers, cavers and fitness athletes, we aim at creating a platform which offers the possibility to train effectively and fun way by setting one's own sessions or being challenged by friends and other users of the platform.

What it does

The project does offer a training board with a variety of holds and grips for improving finger strength, fore-arm and upper body endurance and conditioning for climbers, cavers and fitness athletes. The ease of hooking and unhooking accessories allowed by the dovetail connection of the holds to the board makes it very versatile and compact in comparison to classical campus boards or moon boards. Its simple Bluetooth connectivity option gives the possibility to track, record, share and compare performance and set a variety of training sessions for different needs. In addition, the peg board accessory permits training for hands and arms coordination for people in recovery or with disabilities.

How we built it

The product is made of plywood for the board, and solid wood for the holds and the mainframe bar hosting the electronic components. All pieces are produced with a custom in-house made digital tri-axis milling machine and a Kuka KR150 robot.

Challenges we ran into

The project combines a broad variety of knowledge, technologies and crafts in order to design an easy-to-use and reliable yet versatile platform for different purposes. The choice of materials, the shape and angle of the dovetail connectors and the design of the clamps makes the best use of old connection techniques along with wireless technology and electronics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The use of the dovetail connection to swiftly hook and change the different holds and accessories and its design based on ancient craftsmanship adds a touch of artistry to the whole project.

What we learned

We have learned to work together. The variety of talent and knowledge in the team required a bit of time to get traction. Also we learned how to expand the possible uses of the platform beyond the needs of athletes training, but to open it up and adapt it for better inclusion of children, recovering athletes or persons with motor function disorders or disabilities.

What's next for TryBlock, the training platform.

Next is the fine tuning of holds and grips and the development of the application and UI testing for the e-board option.

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