It's unbelievable how many products get sent back - especially at times of lockdown. We hope to help reduce the amount of shipped parcels, save transport costs and also help the environment while doing so.

What it does

"Try at Home" lets you experience products before you buy them. Simple product pictures Tchibo already owns can be put into context. At home or on the user (clothes, jewelry etc). This can help to understand if a product will be a good fit for the user. User can take pictures of the composition and ask friends about their opinion and post them online.

How does it work

User scans a QR code in the shop or on the website. This opens an app and the user can then check out the product at home or "try it on".

Current State

"Try at Home" is currently a prototype - but could be put into production easily. White label integration into existing apps / websites is also possible. We are looking forward to develop it further together with a company.

How we built it

Native iOS and Android apps. Web server.

What's next for Try at Home

  • Fun and exciting image filters to make the products stand out and easily sharable
  • Full AR implementation and automatic AR model creation from several pictures form different angles (for many products there are already images from different angles which could be use to generate an AR model)
  • Develop further product features. For example a POS FAQ voice device and/or Alexa voice skill to help with buying coffee and answering customers questions at the point of sale.

Built With

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