I wanted to make something really meaningful with Alexa and the Twilio API to help those with mental health disorders... But AWS to me is worse than PHP so I had to give up on my dreams and make this instead. Twilio is bae <3

What it does

Text the twilio number to join the lobby, take turns to add text to the story

How I built it

I still have no clue how to get anything useful out of AWS, but Freehostia just got up and running like that. snaps fingers. So I uses Twilio's TwiML to make calls to my PHP scripts to manage the running of the application.

Challenges I ran into

AWS... AWS.... AWS....

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was done in about 2 hours... and learning to switch to a more viable project is a pretty important thing to do.

What I learned

Sometimes products and services are overhyped, and simply trying to go for a sponsor prize can be detrimental to a hack's success.

What's next for Try and keep it SFW plz <3

Would probably need to remake on Node.js

Built With

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