The idea is simple, what can you do if you are able to understand another person's emotions?

What it does

Uses image processing & learned data sets in order to predict the emotion of a person.

How I built it

Open source library found online, set of data sets for emotion provided by the MIT open data sets and series of bash scripts to create a format to store information. The data would then go through an algorithm that would predict the mental health of analyzed person and use Twitter API to tweet said project.

Challenges I ran into

Being able to setup the open source library and debug any errors that were made. The creation of the data algorithm required in-depth analysis.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ability to read some of the emotions of another person

What I learned

Learned A LOT on machine learning and the creation of datasets. The ability to use the twilio API and analyze some of the emotions of another human being.

What's next for Truthful Recognition

Such a complex project really requires an immense of research/time which we aren't able to put forth with.

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