False news. False news. False news everywhere. Before reading your news article in depth, let us help you give you a brief overview of what you'll be ingesting.

What it does

Our Google Chrome extension will analyze the news article you're about to read and give you a heads up on some on the article's sentiment (what emotion is the article trying to convey), top three keywords in the article, and the categories this article's topic belong to.

Our extension also allows you to fact check any statement by simply highlighting the statement, right-clicking, and selecting Fact check this with TruthBeTold.

How we built it

Our Chrome extension pulls the url of the webpage you're browsing and sends that to our Google Cloud Platform hosted Google App Engine Python server. Our server is then able to parse the content of the page, determine the content of the news article through processing by Newspaper3k API. The scraped article is then sent to Google's Natural Language API Client which assess the article for sentiment, categories, and keywords. This data is then returned to your extension and displayed in a friendly manner.

Fact checking follows a similar path in that our extension sends the highlighted text to our server, which checks against Google's Fact Check Explorer API. The consensus is then returned and alerted.

Challenges we ran into

  • Understanding how to interact with Google's APIs.
  • Working with Python flask and creating new endpoints in flask.
  • Understanding how Google Chrome extensions are built.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It works!

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