Inspired by _ Keep Talking and No One Explodes _ we wanted to create a VR team game that builds trust and cooperation while remaining challenging.

What it does

TrustStack is a two player game. Player 1 wears an Oculus Rift and sees the game state: there are boxes on a table that need be stacked. Player 2 must use their hands above a Leap Motion controller to grab and place boxes on top of each other. Constant communication is required between the players to successfully stack a tower of boxes. The two players work together to achieve _ greater heights _.

How we built it

We built the game using Unity 3D Engine. Using a Leap Motion Plus to track Player 2's hands required integrating the Leap Motion's Orion SDK into Unity. We instatiate Player 2's hands as physics objects in Unity's PhysX engine to interact with the boxes. We used the Oculus Rift in order to immerse Player 1 and to keep Player 2 blind.

Challenges we ran into

Making this game was a new challenge for our team. Only one of us had worked with VR before Treehacks. The biggest challenge was fine-tuning the physics of grasping and letting go of boxes. Fortunately with the help of play testers we were able to make grasping much more realistic.

We would like to thank BeyondOne for providing us with a VR-ready desktop and mentorship. Because of them, having enough computing power was never a worry.

What's next for TrustStack

We're very proud of the game that we've made. It was a rewarding experience creating it, and we love playing it as well. We plan on putting TrustStack on the Steam Store for free so that everyone can play it!

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