The inspiration for this project came from one of teammate’s struggles getting their child into daycare.

What it does

trustQ is a simple, open source waitlist ÐApp. It’s designed to be used wherever resources are in short supply. By making resource distribution more transparent, we can help limit corruption and coercion while building a more egalitarian world for all.

How we built it

See our whitepaper ( for more details.

Challenges we ran into

Wrapping our heads around the relationship between data storage and transaction creation on the blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building and shipping our first Ethereum project

What we learned:

That it’s pronounced “dapp” not “dee-app.”

What's next for TrustQ

Defining the product’s service model, getting a working prototype into the hands of users for testing.

Built With

solidity react node.js ether sqlite

Check out the code:

Built With

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