Amazing infrastructure already created by ETH community are not yet available to majority of humans.

What it does

Mobile app to create and deploy smart contracts. I want to focus on non technical people (failed this in current version), and provide them with ability to use smart contracts as easy as paypal or better. In current version app provides Secure Arbitrage fallback solution for buyers and sellers, if counterparties can not agree the smart contract have a third party (trust party, defined in advance) whom they both can trust the final decision.

How I built it

React Native + Python Web3 + Python Flask + Solidity.

Side note: It's possible to get rid of Python and make Smart contracts which creates smart contracts. I've tested this already, works fine, but haven't had enough time to implement.

Challenges I ran into

No experience in React Native or Solidity - it was fun.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works. Not 100500% finished, but key functionality are tested and ready for future developments. At the moment app works only on test net.

What I learned

Basics of React, Solidity and Web3. Never touched any of them before.

What's next for TrustParty

Make it 'mom firendly', get proper review by advisers and friends in crypto tech. Finalise + test the MVP on real users. The key challenge (and potential) here is the complexity of technology and ability to adopt for non tech people. How to make it easy to use? Integrations with other wallets? and many other questions to be answered before next release.

P.S. GitHub repo may not be ready by 10am, please take a look into the video.

Thanks for your time

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