We were inspired by the need for reliable information when consuming news.

What it does

A news article can be shared from its source through this application leading the users to a screen where they can rate that article and add a comment about why they gave that rating. When the article is sent to the database, the application is able to collect the rating + comments of different articles and present the articles in the feed. The feed lists the articles with their name, summary, when it was published and its average community rating. Upon clicking on a particular article, the reader can review the ratings given by different users with the comments they added.

How we built it

We used Swift to develop an iOS application. At first, we designed the storyboard using Adobe XD and programmed the possible design in Swift without pulling the data from the database. Our next step was to set up the database to push to our feed using Firestore and set up user authentication. Then we attempted to incorporate Algolia with Firebase for web searching. We built a share extension for the users to be able to feed data to the application, and we used SwiftSoup to scrape data from URLs of news articles to convert from HTML to JSON.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to add a share extension to feed the articles into our database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how much we have learned in less than 24 hours, having built a working iOS application in such a short time period. In particular, our accomplishments include web scraping using SwiftSoup and utilizing a non-SQL database.

What we learned

In the beginning, we had very little experience in using Firebase for database and Algolia for web search. When building this app, we learned how to use databases without using SQL. Some of us had no prior experience in Swift and iOS development but as a result of spending 24 hours experiencing the programming process, we were all familiar with the basics of Swift at the end of the day. We learned how to face challenges and most importantly, how to be patient when we ran into obstacles on our way.

What's next for TrustMe App

Possible upgrades for our application are to complete the implementation of Algolia for web searching, add the date of publication of the article, and potentially adding a fact-checking system.

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