What it does

We help you and your friends make good on your agreements no matter how big. From a $1 bet to year long commitments, we help you formalize any promise quickly with our intuitive mobile platform. While you are on the move immediately draft your agreements, share your agreements and finalize your agreements with our signing service

Use cases

We believe we can use this mobile accountability platform into a proof of trustworthiness. Because your agreements are public to the community and to your network, you have the ability to show off your strength in following through with your agreements. With a strong trustworthiness score the applications are endless with 3rd parties such as:

  • Networking
  • Loans
  • Renting (houses, equipment, etc)
  • Work Arrangements

How We Built It

The project consisted of 3 parts

  • Request to DocuSign API for signature handling
  • frontend
  • Node.js API hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
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