We were immediately captivated by the challenge of designing a solution that empowers local communities, especially women. In an effort to support women-owned businesses, we created TrustFall as a way to congregate all the important resources in one place.

What it does

Our site aims to provide resources and empowerment for women looking to start their own businesses! TrustFall is a place where female entrepreneurs can trust and fall back on throughout their endeavors. Our site includes a resources page, contact page, funding page, blog, and mentors page. The mentors’ page has a drop-down menu where users can choose between becoming a mentor and finding one.

How we Built TrustFall

We used Replit as our IDE and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as our programming languages. We utilized Bootstrap to aid our CSS styling.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to change the Bootstrap default colors proved to be a difficult challenge because we couldn’t find a way to override the default colors. We ended up playing around with their colors and rearranging the button colors.

Another challenge was that our funding page just completely disappeared, blaring error messages a couple of times while we were building it. After panicking for a bit longer than we should've, we pasted all the code from the file and managed to restore it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was one of our members' first times using Bootstrap!

We managed to add every page that we had written down from our original brainstorming

We did ~a lot~ of research and found many resources (and grants) for small women-owned businesses, which would be beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What We Learned

We learned how to collaborate (even three hours apart) on a project requiring plenty of research.

We learned a lot about the amount of support that is available to women who wish to start their own businesses. It ranges from federal contracts to women supporting women through successful businesses offering grants and other help.

What's next for TrustFall

In future iterations of this project, we hope to include machine learning to better pair users to mentors. We noticed just how important it is to have a mentor, but having the most well-suited mentor is even better. We also hope to allow mentors to post on our blog section. This blog would be a perfect way to enable those who aren’t sure what they want to pursue to learn about all sorts of topics.

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