Inspired to create a network of trust on top of Ethereum to verify the integrity of parties depending on your interpretation of their trust network.

What it does

Enables an entity to initiate a trust request to an address which the entity can then respond to and create a link of trust between the two entities.

How I built it

TrustE is built with a central contract which deploys contracts to be fulfilled by the trustee using Solidity and Web3.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the flow of creating transactions on the block chain and accessing the data that they output. Initially found it difficult as we did not fully understand how transactions were applied and how to programatically access the data we wanted.

We also did not manage to get the contract deployed to a test network.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning enough about Ethereum and Solidity in a weekend to get a functioning app running.

What I learned

How interacting with the blockchain works on a programatic level and the lifecycle of a transaction being push to the chain.

What's next for TrustE

Making the existing code more functional, implementing more features such as trust termination, adding identity to trust entities, implementing proper two-way trust, integrating ring signatures (flexible?) for trust group verification and forming of trust entities, cryptographically securing trust contracts

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